Poetry Competition

Yes folks, the poetry competition is coming up in Week 5 this term.  It's time to begin selecting a poem to learn. 

Home base finals will occur in Week 5 on Friday 23 August at 2pm in your child's home base.

The Pūkeko final will be held on Tuesday 27 August.

How long should my poem be?
A good rule of thumb is that if you are six, your poem should have at least six lines and if you're seven then it should have at least seven. Some poems with fewer lines may be appropriate, but make sure you are giving yourself plenty of opportunity to show how clever you are!
Remember who your audience is. 
Your audience will be made up of your friends and family. If they love your poem it will make your job of entertaining them so much easier.
What will make the audience (including the judge) enjoy my poem? 

  • Don't go too fast. I'll say that again just incase you didn't hear me...Don't go too fast!
  • If you are enjoying it, your audience is more likely to too. Practise, practise, practise - it helps you relax if you know you are well prepared.
  • Use different expressions to enhance( improve or make better) the meaning of the words.
  • Use suitable gestures (face, hand or body actions) to show the meaning.
  • Speak clearly enough so that every word can be heard.This is really tricky when you're nervous in front of an audience!
 There are lots of places to find fantastic poems. We have some excellent poem books in our hub libraries and there are many suitable poems in your poetry books in your reading folders.
The Christchurch City Libraries have a whole section full of great poetry books. Here are some websites you can also look at.

Do you know the poem The Snowball? It was written by Shel Silverstein. He has a fun website with poems and activities galore - check it out here!

If you're just wanting to read a variety of poems without all the whistles and bells this site certainly has a huge range of possibilities.
Kenn Nesbitt's poems have been recited very successfully at St Albans over the years. Have a read through some of these to see if you can find one that will tickle your fancy.

Jack Prelutski's website is very creative. There are great poems and wonderful artwork too.

Good luck! Don't forget all the wonderful poems you will already have been introduced to since you started school.
We'll have many opportunities for you to practise and get feedback about how you're getting on.

Here is a photo of the marking sheet the judge will use on the day of the competition. 

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