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NZ National Anthem

Anei Rā Te Kura 
(Click this title to find an old blog post of children who are now at high school singing this song and watch them doing the actions too!)

Anei rā te kura                              Here we stand before you
Hato Opani                                    St Albans school
Hei maharatanga                          As representatives of
Ki ngā tīpuna                                 Those who have preceded us
Mihi atu mātou                              We offer greetings
Ki a koutou ra e                             To you all
Ki te whakangahau                        And to entertain
I te minenga                                  This gathering

Haere mai rā, haere mai rā           Welcome, welcome
E ngā iwi, e ngā iwi                       To all the people
E ngā mātua                                  And to the parents (families)
Haere mai                                      Welcome
Te manaaki                                    We offer our hospitality/warmth
Ki a koutou                                    To you
E ngā iwi katoa                              And so once again
Haere mai!                                     We bid you welcome

 Haere mai
Everything is ka pai
You're here at last
You're really here at last
Haere mai
Not a cloud in the sky
To coin a phrase
 This is the day of days

You're welcome as the sunshine
You're welcome as a king
Pai kare, this is one time
We'll really have a fling

Haere mai
Everything is ka pai
 Throughout the land
We want to shake your hand
Haere mai

We're proud of you, that's why

This is a lovely waitata about a loving Taiwha.

Matariki Macarena!

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